Successful Investing

Key to Successful Investing in the New Economy

Studies have shown that the average investor does not get the same kind of returns reported by mutual fund companies. Most individuals invest after the market has already made substantial gains.   By the time they get the confidence to invest, the train has already left the station. Worse yet, the market may be topping out and on the verge of a downturn.

Superior investment management start with a commitment to protecting client accounts from large declines.

Warren Buffet says he adheres to two simple rules:

Rule number One:  Don’t Lose Money

Rule number Two:  Don’t Forget Rule One

Who’s protecting the average investor?

If you have been invested in mutual funds for the last ten years, you know first-hand that most fund companies do not protect investors from losses in a bear market. Most financial planners, advisors, brokers, etc. do not protect you. 

The Cornerstone of GWM Private Investment Management is a time tested risk management system.

Investors today need to adapt to the reality that the market and economic landscape has changed. In the “New Economy” you need a better way to invest. The model approach applied by most investors and advisor during the 80’s and 90’s failed to protect client accounts in the 2000’s.  The Modern Portfolio Theory and computer generated asset allocation models have been ineffective for the last 10 years. Einstein said,” the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.”  Most advisors continue to tout the same old failed strategies.

The cornerstone of any sound investment management strategy today is risk management. It truly makes little sense to invest without a safety net going forward. The safety measures GWM had in place during the 2007-2008 bear market protected clients from losses.

With a sound risk management foundation in place, GWM is able to concentrate on investing in opportunities that offer great upside potential.

At GWM we continually monitor the markets, seeking out investment sectors that are in developing uptrends. Upon identifying sectors in an uptrend, we drill down to investment opportunities that offer the highest risk/reward ratios. These become the building blocks for our diversified client portfolios.

Combined, risk management and a superior investment selection process delivers consistent results that foster a more stable and potentially more profitable investment program. It really is a better way to invest.

GWM Private Investment Management provides investors with perhaps the most important benefit of all – Peace of Mind.

Due to the comfort level provided by GWM, clients are able to stay the course as lifelong investors. The weight on their shoulders has been relieved and they are freed to pursue life’s more important endeavors.

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