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GWM Personal Investment Management – A Better Way to Invest

It used to be that private investment managers were only available to the very wealthy with a million or more of investable assets. That is no longer the case. Gerritz Wealth Management, Inc. now offers private investment management services to investors with as little as $50,000 to invest, giving the average investor the same edge as the big boys.

Until now, investor had to rely on mutual funds to grow and protect their money. As we well know they have done neither for the last 10 years. Mutual funds are great investment vehicles for gaining exposure to the markets, but very few provide protection in down markets.

Who’s managing the manager?

You would not think of driving your car without insurance; the law requires that drivers carry car insurance. Any sensible person insures their home against loss from fire or other disasters. Why then would you not provide the same care and prudence in protecting your hard earned savings and investments?

Risk management is the core feature of GWM Personal Investment Management strategies. We manage the managers. GWM uses time proven techniques to protect clients from large declines in bear markets.  The markets go up about 50% of the time, about 25% of the time they go sideways and 25% of the time they decline. Our trend-tracking strategies and indicators tell us when to be invested in the market and, more importantly, when to take cover. Our current clients would happily tell you that GWM protected their accounts from losses in the 2007-2008 devastating bear market.

GWM is not compensated by commissions.

We derive no income from the sale investment products. When you invest with an advisor that is compensated by commissions there is an inherent conflict of interest. You buy a product – they make money. You don’t buy a product – they don’t make money. Not being compensated by commissions eliminates such conflicts of interest.

GWM has many years of experience.

Chief Investment Officer, Stephen L. Gerritz, has nearly 30 years experience helping clients grow an protect their accounts. There is no substitute for experience. Stephen has managed money through many bull and bear market investment cycles.

GWM uses world class custodians to house your accounts.

GWM does not take custody of client cash or securities. Your accounts are held by a third party, SIPC insured, world class custodian. Our recommended custodian is Folio Institutional.

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