GWM Risk Management Strategies

GWM Risk Management Strategies

GWM investors have a safety net!

Risk management is a core feature of the GWM Personal Investment Management strategies.  GWM uses time proven techniques to protect clients from the large declines that can occur in periodic bear markets. The markets go up about 50% of the time, about 25% of the time they go sideways and 25% of the time they decline. Our trend-tracking strategies and indicators tell us when to be invested in the market and, more importantly, when to take cover. Our current clients would happily tell you that GWM protected their accounts from losses in the 2008 devastating bear market.

SmartStops – Risk Management Strategy

Every investor knows that markets do not go up in a straight line. Market fluxuation are normal and nothing to be overly concerned about. Bull markets periodically experiance corrections. Seventy five percent of the time these market corrections are limited to no more than an 8% decline; they then generally recover shortly.

If a market decline is more that 8% we have a reason to be concerned. It can portend a reversal in the long-term trend. We need to protect accounts from the steep drawdowns that may occur when the bears dominate. To protect client accounts we employ a number of different exit strategies, but our Smart Stops strategy is our major line of defense.

I encourage you to view the following brief video to learn more about our Smart Stops strategy. I am sure you will agree that it is worth the few minutes you spend. Turn up your volume and click the play button.

How Smart Stops Work…




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