By combining two seemingly divergent investment disciplines, the GWM style of investment management is excelling while others are failing.  By combining fundamental analysis with technical analysis we are able to navigate the toughest of economic landscapes. Our strategies are adaptive; when the markets change our Model Portfolio holdings change. Investing is a process, not an event. We therefore provide continuious portfolio management services to our valued investors.

High Growth Investing


Fundamentals             The Best of Both              Technicals 


Fundamental Analysis focuses primarily on all aspects of the earnings of the company, past, present and future, and helps in determining “what” stocks are good candidates.

Technical Analysis concentrates entirely on the stock’s price and volume behavior. Technical Analysis tells us when to buy and when to sell.

The GWM Investment Style combines the best of both Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis to generate potentially superior returns.

How GWM prospects for the Best Investment Opportunites

Gerritz Wealth Management employs the Top-Down Investment Management Style. What does that mean?

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