Folio Institutional – Unparalleled Asset Custodian

Folio Institutional – unparalleled Asset Custodian

GWM has added a new outstanding Asset Custodian. Folio Institutional offers unparalleled features and services for financial advisors and their clients. One of the biggest advantages is a very cost effective flat rate service fee as opposed to per transaction commission charges. This allows us take the cost of individual transactions out of the equation. As you are well aware commissions can and do add up. The flat rate is just 1/4 of one percent annually.  The fee is deducted directly from your individual accounts, so there is no need to write a check or pay with a credit card. Without having to worry about the constraints of commission based transactions we can better diversify client accounts, enhancing both safety and opportunity.

Additionally, all account statements, confirms, tax reports, etc. are securely stored in your own Folio Client website electronic file cabinet. This effectively stops all that paper from being delivered to your mail box at home where you would have to sort it and file it. Furthermore, with proper authorization, GWM can vote your proxies for you, relieving you of this burden as well.

Click the FolioClient icon below to see what their website looks like.

The minimum fee is $250, so Folio Institutional in not appropriate for combined accounts under $50,000. Accounts with the same associated social security number are aggregated; so you are not subject to multiple minimum fees, i.e. joint account and IRA account. If you have multiple accounts, FOLIO will really save you money.

If you are interested in how Folio Institutional could benefit you give Steve a call at 800-877-1967.

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