GWM Market Direction Model


Since the year 2000 the market has experienced some serious ups and downs. The good old Buy and Hold investment strategy that worked so well in the 80s and 90s has failed long term investors in the 2000s.  Until the market re-enters another era of steady, stable and reliable returns, it pays to adopt a more active strategy, one that seeks to minimize loses in a down-turn and maximize gains when upside opportunities present themselves. 

Ian Woodward

GWM’s Personal Investment Management style is very well suited for the current market environment. A very important component of our portfolio management methodology is the GWM Market Direction Model (MDM). Ian Woodward, a very savvy independent market analyst, and Chris White of Edgerater Software, joined forces to develop the system we use at Gerritz Wealth Management, Inc. Ian developed his methodology over the past  thirty years and continues to refine it. Chris created the computer code to crunch the numbers, providing us with an elegant interface to our investment analysis program. 

The summer and fall of 2011 proved to be an exceptionally challenged period in the market. The market as measured by the S&P 1500 declined by nearly 20% in August. The market then retraced a good portion of those loses. The market then proceeded to give us another 10% decline in November. The GWM Market Direction Model helped us navigate through this very difficult period, providing us very timely buy and sell signals.

Our Market Direction Model is color coded for a quick and easy read on the market. Disregard the numbers and focus on the colors. Green = Buy, Yellow = Neutral and Red = Sell.


GWM Market Direction Model

Delivering good returns in a bad market.



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