How We are Different from Our Competitors

First, we are very approachable.

Many investment advisory firms are stuffy and work only with people that have a million or more in assets.  GWM’s minimums begin at just $50,000.

Second, we are not compensated by commissions.

Unlike most advisors, we do not earn any money from the sale of commission based securities products.

Third, we act in a fiduciary capacity.

GWM accepts fiduciary responsibility in the management of your accounts. This means that we are legally compelled to put your interest before our own. Brokers and other commission based advisors are held to a much lesser standard. They are merely required to ascertain whether the investment product they sell you is suitable.

Fourth, we actively manage client portfolios.

GWM strategies adapt to changing markets.  We are not market timers. Rather, we constantly evaluate the current state of the market and adjust portfolio holdings to accommodate the condition at the moment. We employ time proven techniques to guide our investment process whether in bull or bear markets.

Fifth, risk management is at the core of our investment strategies.

GWM adheres to a strict discipline when it comes to protecting client accounts. We have systems in place that cut loses short when our indicators turn negative.

Sixth, we keep you informed.

 With The Gerritz Letter, our monthly newsletter, clients are kept up-to-date about the state of markets and the strategies we are employing. We also use this newsletter as a platform to educate clients about these strategies. The Gerritz Letter affords us the opportunity to share  in-depth analysis and commentary. In our daily/weekly blog, Gerritz InSights, we offer brief comments about markets, financial news, events, etc. that can be read very quickly. A lot can happen throughout the month.

Seventh, we offer superb transparency and account visibility.

 Our premier asset custodian, Folio Institutional, offers GWM clients unparalleled visibility and access to the inter-workings of their accounts through FolioClient. Here is a bullet list of features:

Benefits of Your Folio Client Account Include:

  • Independent performance reporting
  • Electronic delivery of statements and reports
  • Secure online access
  • Retirement and qualified plan services
  • Tax tools and downloads
  • Online proxy voting
  • Extended insurance on your securities and cash

Clients seem to really like the fact that the endless streams of paper (statements, confirms, prospectus’s, voting proxies) stops flooding their mail box. Also, all important documents are securely stored in your personal online file cabinet at the FolioClient website.

Click here to view the actual FolioClient website.

Eighth, we provide yearend tax accounting.

All taxable accounts receive fully calculated yearend cost basis reports. Just give the report to your tax preparer. They will appreciate these accountant friendly reports.

Ninth, you get a direct phone line to your Private Investment Manager

Even though your GWM Advisor Associate is very accessible and can provide valuable support, all clients are given direct access to Stephen L. Gerritz, CFP, Private Investment Manager. He prefers to be called Steve by the way.   You are welcome to call his direct line anytime, even if it just to get to know him.

Tenth, we feel we can enhance your quality of life.

We care a great deal about our clients and are thoroughly committed not only their financial well-being, but also their physical and psychological well-being. Our goal is to free them from, what at times, can be the stressful ordeal of making endless financial decisions. Life is short and you should savor every moment.

The Bottom Line:

When the wealth you took your life time to accumulate is at stake, you want an advisor you can trust, someone you can count on. You deserve a trusted advisor that is objective, not someone that merely sells you a product. You deserve someone that puts your interest first and is committed to your long-term success. You need someone that is well educated in financial matters, someone who has earned highly regarded professional credentials. You need a firm that has many years of experience and proven strategies to growth and protect your money.

To determine if and how we can help you, call Stephen at 800-877-1967 to setup an exploratory telephone meeting.

If you prefer, fill in your name, email address and telephone number and we will get in touch with you.

 You are under no obligation.

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